You love to write and you want to improve your poetry but where do you start? Like most writers, you've got limited funds and probably not a lot of spare time. There's so much information out there, how do you know what's useful? Pocketry is pleased to present a list... Read more →

Submissions for Issue two of the Pocketry Almanack have now closed and I am busy reading them all with great pleasure. Poets and artists from Europe, the Americas and Australia have submitted their work for consideration. It's wonderful to know that poetry is alive and well and that there are... Read more →

Did you know that as well as publishing emerging and aspiring poets, Pocketry also publishes poems in languages other than English? I think it's unfair to limit or restrict access to publication in literary journals to only those who can speak a particular language. As if being proficient in English... Read more →

The Almanack is tiny. It measures 7.5 x 10.5 cm ( 3" x 4"). And there are only 8 pages which includes the contents on the cover. All this is to say, keep your poems for the Almanack short. A maximum length of 18 lines (including lines breaks) and a... Read more →

Pocketry publishes work from aspiring and emerging poets who haven't yet been published in a literary journal. The poems between the pages of a Pocketry Almanack come from poets who are still learning their craft. They are writing and editing. Sending out their stuff to journals and getting rejected. But... Read more →

What's in a name? As Shakespeare once famously said, 'A rose by any other name would sell as sweet.' But would a pocket-sized, poetry almanack with a different name be as good? One certainly hopes so as I've just had to change the name of this web site and the... Read more →