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Podcast Cover for Pocketry Presents

We're celebrating the third issue of the Pocketry Almanack as well as Pocketry's 18 month anniversary with our very first podcast episode!

We've gathered together all the poets appearing in issue three of the Pocketry Almanack as well as the artist who drew the back cover. They've sent in little gems which I've strung together to make a shiny necklace. 

In the first episode of the podcast you'll hear readings from our featured poets Andrew Brion, Amanada Collins, Anne Collopy, Kelle Cunningham and Rowan White. Our back cover artist, Shirley Kanyon, shares her life, inspirations and creative process with us. You'll also hear a story from Melbourne poet, Josh Cake, that was exchanged for a copy of the Almanack. As well as some intriguing words that have been bartered for the Almanack.

So pop in your ear buds or put on your head phones and prepare your ears for an auditory treat to warm your mind.

You can download an episode here, on Apple Music or Spotify.

Happy listening!