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Speaking in Tongues

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Did you know that as well as publishing emerging and aspiring poets, Pocketry also publishes poems in languages other than English?

I think it's unfair to limit or restrict access to publication in literary journals to only those who can speak a particular language. As if being proficient in English somehow makes you a better poet. As if mastery of this tongue allows you entrance into the hallowed halls of literature. As if you only get to the part of the converstaion if you speak English.

I want to read poems in other languages even if I can't understand them. Puzzle over the way foreign letters twist and tumble across the page. Read meaning into the lines of text flowing down and down and down. Find words that look familiar in amongst the strangers.

I know, I only speak English and this post is in English but if you know poets who write in other languages, please tell them about the Pocketry Almanack. Their poems are welcome here.