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Creating a Prototype

PPA - Creating A Prototype

Before opening the Pocketry Almanack for submissions, I had to create a prototype of the journal to discover exactly what was needed from contributors. 

First I had to figure out how to create an instant book and then how to create a template that could edited, printed and reproduced easily. In keeping with the instant book theme, I was looking for something that could be printed and assembled quickly. 

Once that was done came the fun part of playing with fonts and figuring out the style of the little booklets. The word Almanack conjures up olden days so I went with a font style similar to what was around in the 1700s.

To get a feel for the end product I found some of my short poems and use the Pocketry logo for the back page. 

I then printed it out and assembled it. The whole process only took a couple of days of solid work. I was a woman obsessed!